Java Standard Edition(J2SE) in Cairo By AMIT Learning

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 Java Standard Edition(J2SE) in Cairo By AMIT Learning Empty Java Standard Edition(J2SE) in Cairo By AMIT Learning

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Java Standard course At AMIT Learning

Java is a high-level, platform-independent programming language developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (which is now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation). Java is the most widely used programming language used today as it covers many aspect of the programming world. Sun developers java in 4 different areas:

1) Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) for developing desktop application.
2) Java Platform, Enterprise Edition(EE) for developing server side application
3) Java Platform, Micro Edition (ME) for developing mobile application
4) Java Card for developing application for smartcards.

The java programming language was designed with 5 principles in mind:

It should be "simple, object-oriented and familiar"
It should be "robust and secure"
It should be "architecture-neutral and portable"
It should execute with "high performance"
It should be "interpreted, threaded, and dynamic"

-Java is simple. It removed many features of c++ that was considered so powerful but at the same time was only used by professionals in rare circumstances. Java provided simpler solutions to these features but yet achieved the same functionality. Except for the 8 primitive types of the java language, java is a pure object-oriented language that allows the developer to solve programmatical problems as they solve everyday problems thinking of OBJECTS.

-Java is robust and secure because it runs inside a virtual machine that works as a sandbox. Everything you do in your application runs inside that JVM and can't harm the computer in anyway.

-Java is architecture-neutral because it is compiled against a hypothetical machine (JVM). As this machine has an implementation for every platform, you can run your code against it without thinking about the underlying platform.

-Since java is a compiled language, it would definitely run slower that native code. Sun solved this problem at early the stages of the execution process by the Just In-Time (JIT) compiler which translates the bytecode to native code for the first time. Further executions run against the native code and the speed thereafter is comparable to native applications.

Java Platform, Standard Edition is the basic platform that contains most of the functionality of the java platform. Every platform adds or removes some feature of the standard java.

In order for you to master java SE, Oracle provides its Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE Programmer certification. AMIT offers its Java Standard Diploma to produce official java developers. The diploma ends with a preparation to the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer certificate. We hope that you join us and our best wishes in your java career.

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